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Hospitable Historical Hotels

Hospitable landmarks is my original project. My name is Krzysztof Kaniewski, I am a journalist and publisher. To a large extent, I associated my professional life with the promotion of Polish hotels in castles, palaces, manor houses, town houses or old post-industrial buildings. On the www.goscinnezabytki.pl website you will find over 500 all-year-round facilities.

The portal, through its simple structure - clicking on the map of Poland - locates and searches for historical hotels in 17 Polish voivodships.

When you think about coming to Poland and when you want to find out what is worth seeing, what is most interesting, unusual, unique, where are unique historic hotels located and how to organize your trip, just go to the Ask the Expert tab. There you will find a table with frequently asked questions and which after clicking SEND will automatically be directed to me.

A full, comprehensive and free response will return shortly to your e-mail address.

I hope that comprehensive information about accommodations in the well-known, hospitable Polish historical hotels, complemented by proposals of attractions in specific regions of the country, will contribute to increasing the interest of foreign tourists in Poland. I am here to help you find what is most interesting to you and to effectively encourage you to come to our castles, palaces, mansions - to convince you that it is really worth it and to ensure that your visit remains memorable.

"gościnne zabytki"
Krzysztof Kaniewski